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A wide range of inexpensive fashion jewelry made from recycled products is available for people with a limited budget and can be used for.
children parties
fancy dress competitions
home decor
stores selling ecofriendly products

The range of recycled junk jewelry includes
1. bracelets
2. necklaces
3. anklet
4. veils
5. rakhi
6. paper beads

Photos of the recycled handmade jewelry can be provided on request. Custom made jewelry design patterns are also available. Payment by VPP only. As these products are in the development stage, the prices are the lowest in the market at present, and a self addressed envelope can be sent for a free sample.
Please note that verbal agreement may not be honoured, if any transaction or payment has been made, please get a written statement with the signature, date, all people who make false allegations without proof will have a counter case of blackmail, extortion filed against them. Kindly send your offer or request for information to info@marketingpartner.biz, info@textads.in or use the contact form
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We accept payment by Paypal, Payza, Skrill, Webmoney and through NEFT transfer/cheque. Email address and/or bank details for making payment available on request.

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